Some of our favourite teddies

Teddy bear
Teddy bear

Teddies on display will cover a large period of time and some date back 200 years.
The theme of our site and of our event is artisan collectable teddies.

In order to capture the essence of teddy bears and their heritage we decided to base our workshop amongst the mountains of Nevada.
The truly inspirational countryside and woods gives a great energy for getting in touch with our artistic inner beings and helps us create truly new bears. Our driving force is the pleasure our bears bring to their new owners i.e. customers.
Each piece we create has had a good deal of love and attention and my aim is for them to be part of a collection.

In order to further our cause we create and run events on teddy bears which we welcome you to attend . Whether or not you buy is irrelevant. We are happy to discuss and talk about our art with true followers and we look forward to seeing you soon.