Our Love of Teddy Bears

Creating a new bear is a team effort. You need a bear artist to come up with skills of actually making the bear. It requires a special skill to attach limbs and eyes. This the start of the process and you need to have these skills in place before you can start elaborating and developing any new designs.

If you’d like to try it yourself I have some tips to get you started:
Start with a basic teddy bear set.
Take a look through Amazon and you will find a healthy market for budding makers.
As well as the kits, Amazon offer designs which is a great start and will speed up the cutting and shaping process.
They sell it by the yard and you have a good range of fabrics to choose from.

Teddies have come a long way since President Roosevelt started off the craze for bears here
Perhaps you saw a charlie bears direct in a shop window. Well Amazon can offer similar fabrics.
Our live counterparts real live bears are recoving from a low poulation level.

Teddy Bear Kits

There’s a huge selection of teddy bear kits on Amazon to help you or your child make a fantastic teddy bear at home. You can even get them as no-sew kits which are great for children or to give as gifts. And you also have the option of buying a teddy bear pattern from Amazon.
Keycraft and Towbar to name 2, offer kits from about £7 and there are plenty of good reviews on them.
Moving above the £20 price level allows you to choose a jointed teddy bear.
Whatever you choose you will learn how to get started in this highly enjoyable hobby of ours.
In time you will be ready to begin a project using these lovely fabrics and really make something very special.